TECO is a Taiwan-based company with extensive experience and technical expertise in the field of electronic manufacturing. They are committed to providing high-quality electronic products and solutions. In recent years, they have expanded into various development areas, including heavy electronics, home appliances, information technology, communication, electronic components, infrastructure construction, financial investment, and food service. They are actively involved in significant national construction projects and currently have a global presence in over 40 countries and more than 100 cities across five continents.
Industry: Electric Power Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
Company size: 2,500 employees
The business footprint spans over 40 countries across the five major continents globally
Application Technologies: Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design
Mastering customer requirements firsthand, with impeccable professionalism

Mastering customer requirements firsthand, with impeccable professionalism

TECO Smart Energy App 2.0" is a customer service app designed and developed for the purpose of finding products, browsing sales tools, conducting surveys, delivering updates, and providing consultation services. The primary target users for this app are distributors, direct customers, and internal employees. The key goal of this project's redesign is to make operations faster, queries more convenient, and data easier to read, with a redesigned interface that aligns with current trends. Additionally, new features will be added to enhance the overall user experience.


Platform usage increased by 70%
500 new users added within 3 months
Customer satisfaction improved by 120%


Designing and developing the TECO Smart Energy App 2.0 has brought forth multiple challenges. Integrating various types of product information requires the establishment of an efficient product management and retrieval system. Most importantly, ensuring the security and stability of the application is crucial to protect user data and ensure the reliability of the application. Designing and developing this multifunctional app necessitates the consideration of various aspects, including technology, design, and user experience, to meet the needs of distributor services.


To achieve the successful development of the TECO Smart Energy APP 2.0, we comprehensively consider various aspects, including product management, user interface design, security, performance optimization, customer support, and continuous updates, in order to provide comprehensive and practical customer services.

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