Big Data & Advanced Analytics

We implement AI systems in your day to day business and optimize them over time.

Our Capabilities

Advanced Marketing Analytics
Loyalty Marketing & Personalization
Sales Forecasting
Pricing Optimization
Customer Analytics & Reporting
Inventory & Supply Chain Optimization
Revenue Optimization

Big Data & Advanced Analytics Use Cases across Industries

Advertising & Marketing

Predictive analytics is key to higher marketing ROI. Using available data for planning, designing, and deploying a marketing / advertising campaign almost guarantees better results.

Mining & Metals

Leaders in the global mining industry are making big data investments in remote operations centers, operational intelligence, automation, analytics, and mobility.

Finance & Banking

In the Banking & Financial Services sector, institutions can use data analytics to monitor and assess large amounts of customer data and create personalized/customized products and services specific to individual consumers.

Retail & Ecommerce

Big data analytics allows retailers to gather data and discover insights leading to more agile operations, improved competitive advantage, and increased official website revenue.


Healthcare organizations and research institutes rely on big data analytics to ingest genomics data, physician notes, and medical research information to alleviate future health risks.

Big Data Solutions we provide allow our clients to achieve:

100X faster data analysis & reporting
Substantial cost savings by more than 20%
50% improvement in customer satisfaction

Why Choose Cloud Interactive?

Global Presence Alliance

Our global consultants work with you and our Taipei-based team to develop innovative and highly price-competitive solutions.

Comprehensive Data Science Expertise

A multifunctional team of data analytics experts who can deliver agile solutions of different complexity levels.


Assurance of a consistent experience through longer-term, well-developed working relationships.