Cloud Interactive Assistance: The Design R&D Lab's development team specializes in researching and uncovering demands and trends. Through cross-industry and cross-disciplinary project collaborations, they develop design tools, co-creation methods, and design data resources, enabling you to discover more innovative development opportunities through design.
Industry: Non-profit organization
Company Size: 204 employees
Government Agency
Applied Technology: Customized website front-end and back-end project development.
Online Design Collaboration Platform for Non-Profit Organizations

Online Design Collaboration Platform for Non-Profit Organizations

An integrated design collaboration service that provides project management, design knowledge base, research journals, resource management, collaboration platform, data analysis, security and access control, document management, product prototyping, and tracking capabilities. This platform fosters knowledge sharing within teams, supports research data analysis and innovative product development, ensuring project progress and resource utilization efficiency. It offers an all-in-one solution for design experimentation, enhances R&D effectiveness, and drives technological innovation.


Platform utilization increased by 120%
Added 20,000 users within 2 months
Customer satisfaction increased by 125%


The challenges in platform development include integrating multiple design tool resources, data analysis, and tracking capabilities while ensuring security and access controls and providing an intuitive information presentation. Additionally, it requires adapting to ever-changing development demands, ensuring stable platform operation, seamless data and workflow integration to enhance research and development efficiency, facilitate digital data integration, and enable cross-departmental communication and coordination.


The solutions involves intuitive user experience design and integration of legacy website data sources. Cloud-based development is utilized to achieve flexible responsive web design (RWD) with continuous updates and support to meet ever-evolving R&D requirements. This platform enhances research and development efficiency, fosters knowledge sharing, drives technological innovation, and helps teams achieve successful research and innovation objectives.

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