The client is a non-profit government co-sponsored trade promotion organization. With five domestic offices and 63 overseas branches, the organization helps Taiwan businesses strengthen their international competitiveness. Cloud Interactive helped them integrate several separate systems into one integrated administrative services platform. The new platform allows the organization to work more efficiently, communicate better, and promote its goals more effectively.
Founded in 1970
Overseas Branches: 63
Industry: Non-profit Organization
Technology: Website Development, UX/UI, RWD
Cloud Interactive helped the client combines separate systems into one integrated administrative services platform


Cloud Interactive built an integrated administrative services platform for the non-profit organization to replace several outdated legacy systems. The new platform seamlessly integrates the functionality of the old systems and consolidates it in a single easy-to-use application. The new platform makes workflows much easier to complete and saves their employees time and frustration.


Better Operational Efficiently
Increased the organization's operational efficiency through integrated systems.
Better Interdepartmental Communication
Breaks down barriers and creates effective interdepartmental communication.
Promote Goal More Effectively
Smoothed out the work process and put users on track to achieve their goals.


The client takes an innovative approach to nurturing Taiwan's business community—but outdated software processes were dragging down its own operations.  

They were juggling separate systems for linked business functions, such as Attendance, Personnel Management, Finance, and Travel Expenses. This created barriers to inter-departmental communication and made simple tasks more challenging to complete. The need to coordinate with legacy system vendors worsened the problem. 

The organization turned to Cloud Interactive to help them integrate these functions into one streamlined platform.


The Cloud Interactive team created a sleek but powerful new platform for the organization. Our software solution includes custom-built tools for purchasing, approval, press releases, and more.

This new platform improved the organization's operations by cutting needless complexity and making core business tasks easier to perform. We achieved this by optimizing user experience design and implementing responsive web design site-wide. One significant optimization was the inclusion of Single Sign On (SSO). This feature cut down on wasted time and frustration. Our team also stress-tested the product before delivery to ensure a smooth transition.

The new integrated platform has helped them smooth out their work process and put them on track to achieve their goals. 

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