Cloud Interactive, the leading manufacturer of computer peripheral gaming equipment, produces coolers, computer cases, power suppliers, casings, displays, and gaming chairs. In order to allow users to customize their own gaming device control methods, the cloud team has developed customized peripheral control applications for gaming hardware. With the latest and coolest user interface, user-friendly RGB configuration, online product registration, and hardware product connectivity, users can control the entire gaming peripheral audio and lighting system using the software.
Industry: Computer and Peripheral Manufacturing
Company Size: 4,000 employees
Localized services available in 37 countries globally
Applied Technologies: Hardware and Software Integration, UX/UI Design
Pioneering Hardware and Software Integration for Future Entertainment

Pioneering Hardware and Software Integration for Future Entertainment

Providing gamers with smoother, personalized, and exhilarating esports experiences. High-quality gaming hardware such as keyboards, mice, headphones, and displays aim for ultimate gaming performance and comfort. Personalized RGB lighting effects give products a unique ambiance. Collaborative effects synchronize buttons between products, achieving a consistent gaming experience. Dedicated software offers features like gaming modes and settings. Themed products collaborate with well-known games, featuring specially designed casings, keyboards, etc., catering to players' preferences. Through hardware innovation, software support, and community engagement, we create a rich, dynamic, and exclusive esports experience.


Software usage increased by 80%
500 new users within 3 months
100% increase in customer satisfaction


The integration of software and hardware development faces various challenges. Due to customers' outdated systems, control difficulties arise, and UI design lags behind other software platforms. Persistent issues include problems with RGB lighting, product detection, cross-platform compatibility, crashes, delays, and more. Cloud Interactive ensures compatibility and interoperability between software and hardware, leveraging interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. We address complex technical challenges to provide clients with optimal software and hardware integration services, enabling their products to stand out in the market.


The tech entertainment experience aligns with the preferences of the younger generation through interface design, RGB customization, and seamless product connectivity, giving users complete control over the entire esports ecosystem. To enhance user interaction and provide personalized settings, we tailor a self-style exclusively for the user.

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