DLCS is an independent dermatopathology laboratory located in Ohio, USA. Cloud Interactive provided DLCS with a customized digital solution that integrates advanced touchscreen technology, digital slide scanning, and cloud storage technology. This project helped DLCS increase revenue, expand market share, and more effectively manage complex customer relationships.
Industry: Dermatopathology
Company Size: 25 Employees
Revenue: $5.27 million USD
Technology: UX/UI, Software Design & Development
Custom software solution for dermatology to make medical cases easy and accessible to doctors


Cloud Interactive helped the skin pathology laboratory Dermpath Lab of Central States (DLCS) create a state-of-the-art digital sample tracking and reading solution. The new system allows DLCS to provide the best and fastest customer support in the industry.


Improved laboratory productivity up to 2X
Reduced fixed costs by 60%
Increased patients satisfaction by 92%


The digitization of the pathology industry presented both challenges and opportunities for DLCS. Dermatopathology workflows are becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, digitization promises to make the specialty more efficient and improve patient experiences. In the background, ever-decreasing federal subsidies challenge independent labs to discover new operational efficiencies. Thoughtful software solutions are needed to keep processes streamlined and reap the benefits of digitization.


The Cloud Interactive team conducted research to gain a deep understanding of pathology testing workflows and priorities. Through business-process analysis and redesign, usability analysis, and software design, we built tools that allowed DLCS to excel in the dermatology industry.

In our ongoing partnership with DLCS, Cloud Interactive works to improve and integrate skin tissue processing, data analysis processes, and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. Our shared goal is to increase productivity with less overhead and better customer satisfaction and to maintain DLCS’s position as a market leader.

Our team created a revolutionary software system that leverages advances in multi-touch screen technologies, digital slide scanning, tissue tracking, cloud storage capabilities, and rapid data streaming, to catapult DLCS into the digital pathology era. This new system integrates seamlessly with DLCS legacy software platforms, including ClearPath, integrated laboratory management applications, and digital microscope applications.

This system’s tools—including skin tissue processing, slide tracking, and analysis—help dermatologists and skin pathologists anticipate patient needs and work faster and smarter. As dermatopathologists interact more with DLCS, their productivity increases, their patients receive better care, and their medical practices grow.

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