Established in 1988, a renowned chain restaurant group in Taiwan has earned global recognition through years of dedication and innovation. With numerous well-known restaurant names under its belt, the group is synonymous with high-quality cuisine and service, continuously striving to meet customer demands and promote Taiwanese cuisine internationally.
Industry: Food & Beverage
Company Size: 9000 Employees
Taiwanese Chain Restaurant Group
Technologies Used: App Development, UX/UI Design
From Fragmented Systems to 1 Million Members:  The Success Story of a Multi-Brand Loyalty App

Exclusive Member Benefits, Just One Tap on the App!

Cloud Interactive developed a comprehensive membership management solution for the group. Within a year of launching the membership app, this renowned restaurant group has successfully attracted 1 million members. This achievement is a testament to the app's effectiveness in engaging customers and fostering loyalty. This highly customizable platform encourages engagement, promotes repeat purchases, and nurtures long-term loyal members. By effectively consolidating consumer data from over 20 different brands, the app provides advanced marketing features, member management tools, and in-depth data analytics. With unified customer data, the group can identify, categorize, and interact with members through targeted promotions, loyalty programs, and gamification.


Platform usage increased by 200%
Increase 20,000 members
Customer satisfaction improved by 120%

Overcoming Challenges in Managing Multiple Brands

Behind this success, this renowned group faced numerous challenges. 

Different restaurants within the group were using their own membership management and point-of-sale (POS) systems. This made it difficult for upper management to assess marketing effectiveness and establish unified strategies. The scattered member data and incompatibility between brands led to the inability to integrate and attribute member consumption records. To tackle these issues, the development team at Cloud Interactive had to seamlessly merge different internal systems, consolidate vast member data, and incorporate marketing functionalities into one unified platform.

Solution: All-In-One Membership App

The group now has a centralized platform to efficiently manage, attract, and nurture members across all brands, while gaining valuable insights into consumer behaviors, trends, and promotion outcomes. Specifically, the restaurant group can implement a variety of tailored promotions for different brands, regions, and branches, with the ability to customize tasks, coupons, and points accumulation rules through the system backend. Tier levels are defined based on member activity and spending, granting corresponding privileges and benefits.


With the all-in-one membership management app, users can easily make reservations, pay online, check branch information, and collect and redeem points and coupons within the app. The app offers customers a convenient, rich, and attractive dining experience, enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty, and fostering the stable long-term development of the group's operations. The restaurant group has fully leveraged the solution’s capability, resulting in acquiring one million members within a year.

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