The client company is a Fintech startup in Singapore that aims to provide financial institutions a platform for bond trading and to automate bond marketing experiences for their end clients. Cloud Interactive offers the company IT staff augmentation service, providing the IT skill sets and expertise necessary to help the Fintech startup achieve their engineering goals.
Industry: Finance, Fintech
Company Size: 10 employees
Founded in 2017
Technology: Staff Augmentation

Highly Flexible and Cost-Effective IT Recruitment

Staff augmentation is the ideal option for the companies who are looking for reducing expenses on staff recruitment as well as speeding up the process. Cloud Interactive provides the Fintech startup with our senior tech talent and project management expertise to develop the custom software solutions for them. By leveraging this model, they are able to cut operational costs while still maintaining complete control over their tech project.


Decreased overhead costs associated with maintaining full-time, in-house staff.
Efficient Hiring
Speed up the time to identify key resources and have the team on board in a week.
Task-centered Approach
Approach tasks with precision and focus to ensure the success on the specific projects they’ve been tasked with.


Startups in the Fintech space face a number of issues and challenges, from regulatory to fundraising and competitive issues. The rapidly growing Fintech company struggled with balancing the financial constraints of the early start-up stage and the needs of having software engineers to provide them with the right products and services for their business. While the costs and time to market are critical for them to maintain business relevance, the company decided to embrace dispersed teams at Cloud Interactive and get to work.


By outsourcing the company’s IT infrastructure resources to Cloud Interactive, the Fintech startup was able to achieve their engineering goals at a fraction of cost and receive the support needed to allow operations to flow smoothly and efficiently. As the software development team will be working remotely, the startup won’t have everyday overhead expenses that come with hiring a new employee. Currently, Cloud Interactive continues to provide the knowledgeable, highly-technical software developers that are able to step in and resolve issues immediately and appropriately for their ongoing business needs.

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