Carrefour is a French multinational retail company with branches distributed around the world, especially in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Cloud Interactive helped combine several poorly integrated Carrefour marketing and e-commerce apps into a single streamlined app: the One Carrefour App. The new app supports online shopping, online-to-offline sales, promotions, customer rewards, and Carrefour payments.
Industry: Retail
Company Size: 12,000 Employees
126 Stores in Taiwan
Technology: App Development, UX/UI
Cloud Interactive use our App Development and UX/UI service helps Carrefour developed e-commerce apps

An Integrated B2C Mobile App for a Renowned Retailer

Cloud Interactive’s comprehensive design approach targeted both promotional marketing and CRM capabilities to deliver ROI through new sales opportunities. Our development and design team used high-quality training models to provide highly customized solutions for the client’s business needs. Progress on the company’s systems has led to other exciting developments, including plans for future collaboration between Cloud Interactive and Carrefour Taiwan.


increase in app download rate
increase in Carrefour Wallet users over 6 months
increase in customer satisfaction


The mobile revolution has changed the way retailers interact with customers and has impacted customers’ buying habits. Business innovation cycles are shrinking faster than ever before to keep pace, mirroring customer expectations and fast-changing preferences. Carrefour Taiwan, as one of the largest retailers in the world, has brought forward many bold ideas to reinvent the shopping experience for customers. While turning ideas into reality is never easy, the team at Cloud Interactive embraces the challenge. We use innovative methods to design, develop, and improve products and processes in record time.


Cloud Interactive started from the ground up with usability research. We then provided several eye-catching UI designs and integrated the app with Carrefour’s existing back-end infrastructure.

Our team worked with many of Carrefour’s vendors and used an API to integrate the functionality of previously existing apps into a single platform. With our full-stack engineering capability and in-house design team, we were able to bring Carrefour’s innovative ideas to life by creating its industry-leading app.

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