This client company is a large enterprise with a large number of employees. Headquartered in Hsinchu, they also has offices in North America, Europe, Japan, China, South Korea, and India providing immediate business supports and technical services to customers around the world. In addition to enhancing the recognition and practice of core values among all employees, they are committed to planning a welfare system that meets the needs of all of its employees. The client hopes that through various human resources efforts, the Welfare Committee will to create a website for both the company and its employees.
Industry: Semiconductor Manufacturing
Company Size: 50,000+ employees
Offices in North America, Europe, China…
Technology: Website Development, UX/UI Design, RWD, Maintenance Management System Development
Responsive web design illustration and easy to use editing layout

Newly Launched Content Website Reorganizing the Information Structure and Considering Future Expansion

A well-developed content website includes a clear information structure in which the readers are able to find the information they need quickly. In addition to the structure, it has become essential to seamlessly present the content across a variety of devices and the readers’ respective screen sizes. Moreover, it is also essential to be able to easily update all kinds of information in real time for content website operators. Based on the above criteria, Cloud Interactive helped the client design a new website that meets the user experience and reduces the cost of custom technology development for the client with a flexible management backend. In addition to unifying the visual style, the newly launched backend editor reduces the learning cost for users, eliminating contents post with different styles from person to person, and efficiently controlling the consistency of the overall website visuals and information posting.


Organized Structure
Reorganize front-end website information structure
Efficient Backend Maintenance Management System
Reduce the time managers take to update information
Easy to Use Flexible Editor for Contributors
Improve user experience with intuitively layout design


The most important requirement for a corporate welfare committee content website is to be able to immediately publish the latest news and update current information. Welfare committees often have information that needs to be updated and communicated in real time, but managers are not free to adjust the content and must seek help from design and technical staff. As the amount of news to update increases, this will undoubtedly increase the workload of each unit. Therefore, the client wanted to build a complete management platform with flexible maintenance functions for the team to use at any time. It is hoped that through the systematic planning and visual design of the new site, the time and human resource costs spent in adding or modifying content will be reduced.


After understanding the client's needs, our design team restructured the content and redesigned the website according to their corporate brand style.

 In addition to the visual presentation aligned with the brand, our full-scale development team also built an easy-to-use backend editor with maintenance functions through a systematic design for website operators. In this way, the editorial system can effectively avoid different layouts for different people and present information in a consistent manner. The editorial backend is also presented in a "card format", which allows contributors to drag and drop cards for a more intuitive layout arrangement. Moreover, the editorial backend is equipped with a customized corporate color editorial tool list component to facilitate the contributor to apply the corporate color to present their content. 

Lots of welfare information contains "attachments", so the team specially designed an "attachment" function to allow contributors to upload relevant information for website visitors to download and use. Our team even designed a table area that can be updated with Excel files in response to the frequent need to update member lists. This allows contributors to simply import new files, and then the system can automatically publish the content of the files in line with the website style specifications. 

To improve user experience, our team also built an RWD responsive design to fit different device sizes. In terms of web layout, a minimalist design approach was adopted to emphasize the content of the website instead of the focus being blurred with too many colors and web effects, allowing website visitors to pay attention to the key items the first time.


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