Renesas is a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Cloud Interactive provided a comprehensive, customer-centric solution that integrates the entire Renesas hardware and software product portfolio into a single web portal. This new platform connects all Renesas customers and client brands within a single software ecosystem.
Industry: Semiconductor, Manufacturing
Company Size: 19,546 Employees
Revenue: $948 million USD
Technology: UX/UI
Cloud Interactive provided a comprehensive and customer-centric solution for Renesas hardware and software product portfolio


Cloud Interactive's successful platform design has allowed Renesas to build long-term customer loyalty and long-term profits for its SME business.


Accelerated the decision-making processes by 200%
Get to market 35% faster and increased revenue
Better Customer Satisfaction
Reduced the time customers take for Renesas’s services


Renesas offers an expansive lineup of semiconductor products,  from leading-edge System-on-a-Chip solutions to mixed-signal ICs and discrete microcontrollers. To support this exhaustive portfolio, Renesas required an advanced system for monitoring, managing, and reporting on external customer use.

The Cloud Interactive team faced the challenge of creating a system powerful enough to manage Renesas's entire portfolio, but simple enough to help improve decision-making and add value organization-wide.


Cloud Interactive's Design and Development teams collaborate deeply with our clients from the initial stages of a project. In the design phase, we apply both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to user experience analysis. This analysis includes usability testing, competitor analysis, heuristic reviews, data analysis, industry trend research, iterative design, and more. 

Our team used these findings to develop the Renesas Synergy Gallery, a total-business, one-stop-shop for Renesas customers. This new platform features intuitive graphics and streamlined workflows that allow effective management of the Renesas product portfolio with an easily browsable, drag-and-drop interface.Within this ecosystem, Renesas customers can easily find everything they need to develop applications, reducing their time-to-market.

These client-facing applications partner seamlessly with several innovative Cloud Interactive-developed web applications for Renesas internal use. Together these applications allow Renesas to manage and exhibit its large and complex product database and accelerate the decision-making processes.

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