Cloud Interactive partnered with a leading health management center to launch an app offering round-the-clock reservation services for health checkups. The entire process is paperless, enabling users to stay informed about their health check progress, book appointments, and access health reports 24/7.
Industry: Healthcare
Group Size: 57,000 employees
4 Health Management Centers in Taiwan
Applied Technologies: Website Responsive Web Design (RWD) Application Development, UI/UX Design

Smarter Healthcare, Better Experience

Leveraging extensive client interviews and deep dives into reservation processes, we developed intuitive questionnaires and conducted meticulous user behavior analyses. The result? It saves users 20% of valuable time and eliminates long queues, leading to shortened health check durations from 5-8 hours to just 1.5-5 hours. Key features include real-time add-on options, pre-checkup reminders, and easy access to health reports and historical data inquiries. These enhancements provide the public with a comprehensive online reservation healthcare service tailored to their needs.


APP download and usage rate increased by 80%
Added 40,000 users within 3 months
Customer satisfaction increased by 75%


In late 2019, the global pandemic strained healthcare systems and disrupted numerous industries worldwide. Heightened concerns about safety led people to avoid crowded places, including hospitals, due to infection risks. In Taiwan, the rapid integration of digital technologies into daily life accelerated the transformation of the healthcare sector toward a paperless and digital model.

The Cloud Interactive team responded boldly by proposing innovative reservation and examination modules to tackle the challenges posed by physical queues and traditional phone reservations. Converting these concepts into reality proved challenging, but our team embraced the task with diligence and compassion in their design approach. Through ongoing communication, development, and refinement of both products and processes, we spearheaded a new era for the healthcare industry.


The healthcare platform is a solution that streamlines healthcare processes, improves patient engagement, and enhances overall health outcomes.

The app, tailored to this renowned client, features personal information entry, appointment booking, pre-checkup reminders, real-time progress updates, electronic health records (EHR) management, real-time healthcare reports, and on-the-spot additional service booking. 

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