Cloud Interactive assists a renowned Health Management Center in providing 24-hour reservation services for health checkups. This comprehensive service includes personalized appointment reminders, pre-checkup instructions, and real-time progress updates throughout the examination process. The entire procedure is paperless, enabling users to stay informed about their health check progress, access health reports, and quickly review health data. This collaboration accelerates the digitalization of Taiwan's healthcare system.
Industry: Healthcare
Group Size: 57,000 employees
4 Health Management Centers in Taiwan
Applied Technologies: Website Responsive Web Design (RWD) Application Development, UI/UX Design
Creating a thoughtful online appointment system for the renowned Health Management Center.

Creating a thoughtful online appointment system for the renowned Health Management Center.

Cloud Interactive provides a thoughtful and professional interface flow design for the renowned Health Management Center. Through multiple client interviews and communication on the reservation process, we have designed questionnaires and conducted user behavior analysis to create an intelligent health check process system. This has helped our clients save 20% of valuable time and avoid long queues in the examination rooms. While a typical health check may take 5-8 hours, our intelligent health check process significantly reduces waiting time to approximately 1.5-5 hours. Key features include real-time add-on options, pre-checkup reminders, and access to the day's health check reports and historical report inquiries. These features offer the public a more comprehensive online reservation healthcare service. Our design and R&D team aims to cater to all customer needs, delivering highly customized solutions, and we look forward to maintaining a long-term partnership with our clients.


APP download and usage rate increased by 80%
Added 40,000 users within 3 months
Customer satisfaction increased by 75%


At the end of 2019, the global pandemic changed the lifestyle habits of people worldwide, putting tremendous strain on healthcare systems, and challenging various industries. People became cautious about going out and even visiting large hospitals due to the risk of infection. In Taiwan, the rapid adaptation to digital changes in daily life also accelerated the digitalization of the healthcare industry, leading to a paperless and digital approach.


The Cloud Interactive team boldly proposed various reservation and examination module solutions to address the challenges of physical queues and phone reservations for the public. Turning ideas into reality was not an easy task, but the Cloud Interactive team embraced the challenges with a caring and thorough approach to design. Through continuous communication, development, and optimization of products and processes, we ushered in a new era for the healthcare industry.


Cloud Interactive provides enterprises and individuals with a seamless digital experience for comprehensive health checkups. This includes personal information input, appointment booking process, and selection of relevant health check packages. In the initial stages of the project, Cloud Interactive conducted professional requirement interviews and user experience workshops to fully understand the entire digital health check process. By transforming the cumbersome paper-based health check experience into a simple and user-friendly web-based operation, it significantly reduces the workload of health check center staff and enhances users' willingness to complete health check-related digital tasks.

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