The client is a global leading shipping enterprise, specializing in the transportation of diverse commodities such as iron ore, coal, agricultural products, and beyond. They provide comprehensive maritime transportation services and logistical support worldwide. The seasoned management team possesses extensive experience in conducting thorough analyses of the shipping market, overseeing ship leasing and management, executing crew recruitment and training initiatives, managing ship transactions (both buying and selling), handling shipbuilding and maintenance operations, and navigating ship-related financing and insurance matters.
Industry: Shipping
Company Scale: Global Logistics Shipping
Global Shipping Group
Applied Technologies:Custom Software Development, UX/UI Design
Beyond the Horizon: Tailored Ship Management System for Your Business Needs

Beyond the Horizon: Tailored Ship Management System for Your Business Needs

Cloud Interactive has developed a digital ship management system that can be customized to meet specific business requirements. The system includes real-time data and instant updates in the offline version when ships are not connected to the network at sea. It allows enterprises to centrally manage and keep information up-to-date, including data related to company personnel and ships. The system streamlines document approvals and offers a comprehensive visual reporting feature, which provides owners with a one-stop solution to understand the operational status of their company.


Platform usage increased by 120%
Digitization of 160 forms
Customer satisfaction improved by 120%


In the past, files and Excel forms were not managed systematically and were distributed via email in various locations. The data sources were divided between maritime and onshore, which resulted in a lack of real-time data. As a result, the management hierarchy was unable to understand the actual operational situation through data.

Collecting and integrating data from complex forms and documents can be a challenging task. The development team needs to design robust data integration and transformation tools to ensure that data extracted from various formats and sources can be seamlessly integrated and unified.


Our information services include several features such as the digitization of 160 forms, system integration of five major departments, a visualized analytics dashboard, and real-time updates for the offline version. We provide comprehensive integration of form modules, approval modules, new notification modules, site-wide file search, company personnel management, and vessel management. These features help our customers to manage their operations with ease.

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