Advantech is a world-leading manufacturer of industrial computing systems. To build their brand in the fast-growing Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Retail markets, they partnered with Cloud Interactive to develop the UShop+ platform. UShop+ combines online, cloud, and IoT strategies to supercharge online and online-to-offline (O2O) retailers. The platform provides big data business intelligence and sales insights to retailers of all sizes. Cloud Interactive created a streamlined UI and impactful data visualizations to help make UShop+ into a powerful, easy-to-use business tool.
Industry: Computer manufacturing
Company Size: 8,000 Employees
Revenue: $44.4 billion TWD
Technology: UX/UI
loud Interactive created a streamlined UI and impactful data visualizations that make UShop+ into a powerful, easy-to-use business tool


Advantech partnered with Cloud Interactive to create a user interface and data visualizations for its comprehensive cloud retail service platform Ushop+. By creating an intuitive interface, clear workflows, and compelling data visualizations, the Cloud Interactive team helped make the insights within Ushop+ actionable to users. The result is a valuable business tool that puts big data insights at retailers' fingertips to help them become market leaders.


Increased operational efficiencies by 65%.
Achieved a 2.5x speedup over the field data collection process.
UX Optimization
Easy-to-use UI and clear data visualizations.


Today's retailers face wide-ranging challenges, including single-store sales, inventory management, warehousing, logistics, and overall operations issues. One of retail's thorniest problems is managing the customer experience, a make-or-break process that requires careful planning. 

Advantech wants to use their expertise in high-powered computing to help retailers overcome these challenges and thrive in today's demanding business environment. In line with this goal, Advantech set out to develop UShop+, a platform that harnesses big data to improve customer experience and boost efficiency.

Advantech knew that UShop+ needed to be both powerful and well-designed. For big data insights to be actionable, they must be paired with an intuitive user interface and compelling data visualizations. Advantech partnered with Cloud Interactive to create these elements of the platform.


Advantech's Smart Retail strategy focuses on vertical markets such as chain stores, food businesses, hypermarkets, and shopping malls. Advantech conducted in-depth research to discover retailers' pain points and used the insights they gleaned to create the comprehensive cloud retail service platform Ushop+.

UShop+ integrates a variety of cutting-edge retail systems, including PoS hardware, RFID modules, and interactive electronic billboards, into a single cohesive system. Data collected from these devices helps retailers understand customer needs and behaviors, expand sales revenue, reduce operating costs, and enhance the overall shopping experience. 

The platform's robust suite of business intelligence tools includes in-depth analysis and reporting and customizable dashboards. These tools empower UShop+ users to rapidly develop business opportunities.

The Cloud Interactive team brought these tools to life by designing a streamlined UI and impactful data visualizations. Cloud Interactive designers tuned workflows within UShop+ to meet every user's role, responsibilities, and job tasks. The interface Cloud Interactive created makes the vast amount of data within UShop+ accessible and manageable for users in a variety of roles throughout retail organizations. The easy-to-use UI and clear data visualizations mean the platform's rich information is available at the moment it's needed to inform business decisions.

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