Cisco is a global technology leader that has been making the internet work since 1984. They help people connect securely and seize tomorrow’s digital opportunities--today. The Cisco Physical Security Platform is a comprehensive, enterprise system for physical security and video surveillance to increase worker productivity. But when productivity dropped--both the end user and customer support--Cisco called on Cloud Interactive to redesign their user experience.
Industry: Networking hardware & software
Company Size: 74,200 Employees
Revenue: $13.4 billion USD
Technology: UX/UI, Web & App Development
Cloud Interactive redesigned the Cisco Security Platform using our UX/UI to deliver a streamlined customer experience.

Cloud Interactive redesigned Cisco’s Security Platform using human-centered UX/UI to deliver a streamlined customer experience. The new product has measurably improved efficiency for both end-users and Cisco customer support.

Cloud Interactive redesigned the Cisco Physical Security Platform using human-centered UX/UI to deliver a streamlined customer experience. Happy customers (and customer support) ensued.


Maximizing Operational Efficiency
Increased operational efficiency through user interface optimization.
Better Customer Experiences
Improved customer experiences through seamless cross-platform experiences.
Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
Achieved customer satisfaction & loyalty with better UX


Customer support for the Cisco Physical Security Platform was overloaded, and sales were lagging. Though the product was powerful, it wasn’t as user-friendly as it needed to be.

Cisco’s Physical Security & Surveillance Business Unit approached Cloud Interactive to conduct a full UX/UI redesign to:

  • Enable users to perform everyday tasks efficiently, with minimal training,

  • Provide a seamless experience across desktop, web, and mobile, and

  • Facilitate Big Data product usage metrics collection and analysis.

The underlying goal was to increase customer satisfaction and decrease the cost of support by creating a more intuitive, user-friendly UI. The Cisco and Cloud Interactive teams had worked together for years, prototyping and building products for the emerging technologies team. Now Cisco wanted Cloud Interactive to use its proven processes and expertise to transform a complex product into a consumer-friendly user experience.


Cloud Interactive’s UX/UI process always starts with research and analysis. Since the Cisco Physical Security platform had existing customers, we watched them use the product to identify areas of inefficiency.

We also conducted competitive research on numerous industry-leading security applications, analyzing strengths and weaknesses against Cisco’s existing workflows and industry KPIs. 

Next, we followed our standard process as we developed each module of the Physical Security Platform application suite: 

  • Video Surveillance Manager (VSM): Mobile-enabled interface allows security professionals to locate and view footage quickly across hundreds of hours of security footage and thousands of cameras.

  • Security Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS): Gesture-powered custom mobile UI allows users to access all application features with a single swipe.

  • Physical Access Manager: Enterprise admin dashboard allows physical access configuration, activity monitoring, granular access control policies, and flexible data visualization and reporting.

  • Big Data Architecture: Human-centric big data architecture facilitates rapid analysis of platform usage trends, enabling superior business decisions.

The new interface is easy to understand, less overwhelming, and more streamlined. The new generation of the Physical Security Platform also enables users to perform everyday tasks efficiently without filing support tickets. 

Work efficiency and customer satisfaction have measurably increased for both Cisco and its clients.

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