A multinational conglomerate in the gaming services industry, its operational services encompass consumer electronics, gaming software, points and platform services, and online network services. The company offers diverse channel distribution services, sharing the latest news and product information, with the goal of creating a seamless offline-to-online gaming experience for players. This spans from PC and home console gaming to cloud-based gaming experiences. With six major growth engines, including Taiwan and overseas market agency, esports peripherals, hardware equipment, digital sales, and game content development, the company spans the entire upstream, midstream, and downstream segments of the gaming industry value chain.
Industry: Multinational Gaming Service Conglomerate
Company Size: 7,500 Employees
Business Operations Spanning 160 Countries
Applied Technologies: Customized Software Development, UX / UI Design
Embrace the Digital Gaming World, Indulge in the Perfect Gaming Lifestyle

Embrace the Digital Gaming World, Indulge in the Perfect Gaming Lifestyle

Cloud Interactive employs modern technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS, and TypeScript. Responsive RWD design and frontend frameworks ensure a consistent experience across multiple devices. The backend utilizes the PHP Laravel framework to handle API requests and database operations. Docker containerization technology is used to establish the entire frontend and backend on a cloud-based AWS server architecture.The website not only provides game information and consumer electronics products but also integrates unique design elements that combine technology and trendy features, offering players an ultimate entertainment experience. Security and performance optimization ensure data safety and swift loading. Online payment support facilitates quicker and more convenient game purchases. By merging design aesthetics with user experience, Cloud Interactive creates an all-in-one entertainment feast for home gaming.


Platform usage increased by 80%
5,000 new users added within 3 months
Customer satisfaction improved by 120%


Digital game zone and system integration are two major technical challenges. In the digital game zone task, Cloud Interactive collaborates with renowned game service providers to ensure that users can smoothly purchase the latest and most enjoyable games. For this project's system integration aspect, we integrate with the client's existing systems to add new functionalities without necessitating a complete overhaul. This showcases our technical prowess as a software developer. Furthermore, leveraging Cloud Interactive's expertise in UI/UX design, we simplify the complex process of game onboarding, presenting it in the backend in the most user-friendly manner possible. Overall, we assist the client in providing gamers with a platform where they can fulfill all their gaming desires in one place. In terms of integrating new and existing systems, Cloud Interactive seamlessly connected the components in this project, eliminating the need for the client to manage two separate systems.


It encompasses digital game zone integration, cross-platform responsive design, online purchasing of physical and digital games, a comprehensive backend system for adding and removing digital products, and frontend pages with a blend of technological trends. In terms of cloud service architecture, AWS is utilized, with EC2, RDS, ALB, and CloudFront pre-planned to ensure the system's future scalability.

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