The company is a leading global wearables brand that sells wearable smart devices in the United States and internationally. The company worked with Cloud Interactive to offer contactless payments to the Japanese market via wearable payment devices. The partnership between the two companies enabled Japanese users to add their Suica cards to wearable payment devices and make secure purchases in Japan.
Industry: Technology
Company Size: 1,694 Employees
Revenue: $1.43 billion USD
Technology: UX/UI, System Integration
Cloud Interactive integrated the Japanese Suica card into wearable devices with custom UX/UI design


Cloud Interactive helped the client support more types of payment and attract more wearable payment devices users worldwide through thoughtful UI/UX design. This project allowed the client to add Suica cards to their accepted payment methods for Japanese users.


Increased 3X brand awareness to Japanese customers.
Suica card users account for 10% in fitbitpay users.
High User Satisfaction
The intuitive interface pleases tech-savvy wearables customers.


In an increasingly saturated wearables market, the client needed a way to stand out from the competition. Adding the contactless payment system the company made the payment devices even more useful but also created complex UX/UI design challenges. Cloud Interactive’s UX/UI designers took up these challenges. They delivered an easy-to-use, on-trend user interface sure to please tech-savvy wearables customers.


Cloud Interactive’s UX/UI team used illustration localization to make the Suica implementation aesthetically pleasing to the target market. As always, the team focused on creating an intuitive, user-friendly design. 

Cloud Interactive’s well-practiced Agile/Scrum management methodology was vital to this transnational project’s success. This methodology allowed us to communicate clearly, use time efficiently and set clear priorities when cooperating with our clients across three different time zones (Taiwan, Japan, and the US).

Despite the difficulties of working across multiple time zones, the team experienced unprecedented success. Now, all the wearable devices users in Japan will benefit from an appealing, user-friendly, fully digital payment method using the Suica card.

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