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Nov 02,2022

The global retail landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, and e-commerce has become an integral part of our daily lives. The internet has quickly become one of the most popular ways to buy goods and goods, with 2.14 billion online shoppers shopping online in 2021, up from 2.05 billion in 2020 and 1.92 billion in 2019. This number will only continue to grow as individuals find themselves with better internet access as part of this trend.


Uncontrollable consumption patterns in the future

This is especially true after more than a quarter of the world's population (2.14 billion to be exact) will make an online purchase in 2021. So business owners cannot ignore the future of e-commerce. The next few years will be exciting times for brands, with new technologies emerging and changing every month that will forever evolve the way people shop in the future.


What are the biggest pain points for e-tailers?

  1. Can't figure out the cost of customer acquisition
  2. Customer retention costs
  3. Match the cost to customer expectations
  4. Lack of customer loyalty (stickiness)
  5. Lack of brand affinity
  6. Lack of customer feedback/trends

Therefore, we need to understand online consumers so that we can anticipate their needs, wants and preferences, and by doing so create marketable experiences that allow us to build lasting relationships with them.


Why do you need a customized e-commerce platform?

  1. The set software platform has a high commission rate and does not combine the cost
  2. The system requirements of new functions cannot be met (cannot be tailored)
  3. Back-end customer data cannot be reused, and real customers cannot be grasped


Customer case: computer 3C equipment distributor

Well-known local computer distributors in Taiwan, with loyal small and medium-sized retail channels, decided to focus on online sales and profit sharing business to increase customer stickiness.


Cloud Interactive focuses on enhancing the e-commerce functionality of the website. main result:

  • Multiple user interviews to analyze the current situation and pain points of the website

  • E-commerce brand competitor analysis

  • User roles and shopping flow usage

  • Brand Image Website Design

  • Back and forth on UI/UX design interface usability testing


4 advantages of Cloud Interactive e-commerce platform

Systematic batches of goods are put on the shelves

The back-end shelf function can batch select the products of the product line to be systematically put on the shelf, save the manual operation of repeated one-by-one settings, reduce the probability of human input errors, and greatly increase the efficiency.


Multi-marketing offer settings

Built-in various marketing activity settings, such as A+B product combinations, pre-orders, bulk purchase discounts, limited-time promotions, event countdowns, etc., induce users to purchase products in large quantities according to marketing goals.


Dealer level management

According to the dealer's credit limit level, the authority to view product categories, items, and applicable marketing activities discounts is opened, and the background custom management setting of user attributes is matched.


GA4 user behavior analysis

The Google Analytics 4 code is embedded in the key positions of the page functions, so that marketers can regularly check the chart to analyze user operation behavior patterns, and continuously optimize the operation of products and marketing activities.


Using our e-commerce platform can bring you:

  • The e-commerce platform is connected to the internal ERP system to effectively control sales and inventory
  • Built-in dealer grading mechanism, manage applicable product promotions according to the set level
  • Product launch, shipment/return, marketing setup, customer service, systematic batch processing to improve efficiency
  • On-shelf advertising benefit analysis to improve the reach rate of marketing activities
  • The platform Google Analytics 4 is embedded to facilitate the analysis of user behavior for optimization operations
  • Multiple preferential settings, greatly improve the ROI of marketing operations


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