Understand the 5 Phases of Cloud Transformation to Assure Adoption Success
A roadmap for success at every stage of cloud adoption.
Jun 11,2021

Many enterprises invest in digital transformation as part of their strategy to exceed customer expectations and cope with fickle business environments. In making this investment, enterprises see cloud adoption as a critical initiative that empowers them to deliver fantastic customer experiences and accelerate their growth and transformation journeys.

What is cloud transformation?

Cloud transformation is the process of moving your information from an on-premises system to the cloud, which includes migration of applications, data, and even entire infrastructure. It provides numerous benefits and values to businesses to improve their efficiency, agility, and scalability. Every stage of the transformation is essential in facilitating your cloud journey and thus achieving the greatest business outcomes.

The 5 phases of cloud transformation

There are five phases of an enterprise’s cloud transformation journey: Plan, Review, Optimize, Modernize, and Measure. Each phase individually contributes to increasing agility and innovation and driving successful cloud adoption.

Phase 1: Plan

For many traditional enterprises that are planning to migrate to cloud environments, planning is their first phase of the cloud adoption journey. At this stage, enterprises need to first create a blueprint and establish a working foundation for executing a successful cloud strategy, then use a cloud pilot to evaluate success. 

Phase 2: Review

After planning the cloud migration strategy and instrumenting everything, detecting and troubleshooting potential issues that could occur before and during the migration is essential. Companies also need to validate the migration by measuring app performance and soliciting customer feedback. The overarching goal of this phase is to accelerate migration and reduce risk.

Phase 3: Optimize

The cloud optimization phase is a process to analyze the allocation of cloud resources and right-size your environment to optimize costs. This process ensures you receive maximum value from the cloud migration process and minimize cloud spend.

Phase 4: Modernize

Many of today’s legacy businesses need to evolve quickly to meet changing business needs and remain competitive. Successful digital transformation depends on applications’ efficiency and productivity. Application modernization enables organizations to make smart, data-driven decisions and respond rapidly to market changes by utilizing modern technologies and processes. 

Phase 5: Measure

The ultimate goal of cloud adoption is to accelerate innovation while delivering excellent customer experiences. This requires continuous optimization and real-time analytics of applications and infrastructure. Measuring business impact with KPIs is also a vital element to digital business flourishing.

Who can help with my cloud transformation?

New Relic is an AWS advanced technology partner, and its cloud observability framework helps companies achieve success at every stage of AWS cloud adoption. Cloud Interactive (CI) is a select partner of both New Relic and AWS. With extensive experience in cloud transformation, CI provides discrete solutions in every phase of cloud transformation, including cloud pilot, instrumentation foundation, troubleshooting, cloud spend optimization, data-driven DevOps, digital experience optimization, observability health checks, and analytics. CI additionally offers consulting, migration, and even full-stack monitoring services for your business. All of these solutions are pivotal in simplifying a smooth AWS cloud journey and ensuring your team stays agile and innovative.

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