Optimizing Business Operations Processes in a Global World
Business process transformation consulting for Panasonic Global
Mar 22,2021

In today's world, global economic and political conditions can significantly impact your business's bottom line—no matter where in the world you’re based. Companies worldwide increasingly rely on global strategies to succeed. Expert business process consulting plays a vital role in the development of such strategies.

Successful global strategies focus on finding ways to integrate business processes across regions and build unified global platforms to streamline multinational logistics management. To efficiently and effectively incorporate global regions within the value chain and corporate structure, companies must develop strategic systems for managing their multinational accounts and operations.

In this article, Eva Lin, Senior Manager of Project Execution at Cloud Interactive, shares what she has learned while developing winning business process strategies for global enterprises. Based on her experiences working for several well-known multinational corporations, she shows how Cloud Interactive helps clients identify pain points, optimize management and operations processes, and strengthen their ability to cope with rapid IT changes.


Panasonic Global: Simplifying Systems Architecture and Reducing Business Complexity

Regional Panasonic business units worldwide maintain independent websites and conduct regional marketing campaigns. This regional segregation makes executing global marketing initiatives challenging. 

Cloud Interactive worked with Panasonic teams in Japan and around the world to design flexible solutions that meet varying regional business needs while also maintaining brand consistency. Our business process transformation consultants helped Panasonic optimize complex business processes and establish a cost-effective business operations process.

In our work with Panasonic, we followed our expert-created and battle-tested approach to business process consulting. Our process consists of the following stages:

Discovery Phase—Identifying and Analyzing the Business Process

In the first stage, we help identify which processes need improvement most through detailed interviews with end-users. After generating the initial systems architecture and business process concepts, our team systematically analyzes the company’s current business situation, gathers feedback from stakeholders, and communicates internally and externally to create optimal solutions targeted toward specific business goals.

Evaluation Phase—Specify Improvement Points and Provide Custom Solutions

In this stage, the executive team steps into the project. With all the consultants’ information in hand, the executive team defines how business processes happen now and how your company envisions them happening in the future. We usually offer five types of business process optimization solutions:

  • Business Growth: We accelerate business processes and increase productivity by optimizing business operations through company websites and mobile apps.
  • Internationalization: We help companies expand into global markets by upgrading company websites with third-party systems integration, multi-language support, local digital payment methods, customer relations management systems (CRMs), and more. 
  • Software Upgrade: We collaborate with our business partners such as AWS, Microsoft, UiPath, and others to develop custom internal systems or upgrade companies’ ERP systems.
  • Data Analysis: We use data analysis to help companies review and analyze current operations’ status to understand potential operational improvements.
  • Hardware Upgrade: We assist companies in preparing and planning detailed requirements for hardware and system upgrades, such as POS systems, IT systems upgrades, and more.


What does a business consultant do?

Business consultants help organizations improve their performance and efficiency. A good business consultant takes the time to learn as much as possible about the business from the owner, employees, and other stakeholders. They learn the client’s business goal, identify stakeholders, and create solutions that help the client meet its goals.

For both B2B and B2C businesses, the consultant needs to understand your current operations processes to identify where change is necessary. We achieve this by exploring the varying needs and goals of internal departments so we can design effective solutions and plans for capitalizing on opportunities.

For B2C businesses, the consultant also needs to understand the real-world needs of your target customers. That’s why we spend time conducting thorough user interviews, testing, and analysis. With B2C, the local regulatory environment greatly informs our approach to solutions. We aim to fully integrate your information structure and business operations processes within the relevant business context of each country where you operate.

Working with a professional consulting company like Cloud Interactive can help multinational companies improve performance, overcome challenges, and make necessary changes to achieve success. Contact us now! 


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