An Inside Look at Our Mobile Team
Why is our team embracing Flutter?
Nov 16,2020

At Cloud Interactive, we strive to create successful digital transformations for our clients. That means our employees need the structure, mindset, skills, and vocabulary to support and drive new strategies — especially those on the front lines.

In this article, we talk to two of our employees from the mobile team, Red and Hao, about their professional practice and what’s next for mobile at Cloud Interactive. In addition to sharing insights from their years of professional experience, the two developers also discussed the revolutionary impact of the Google open-source framework Flutter.

What do you like most about Cloud Interactive?

“Working at a rapidly expanding IT consulting company with clients all over the world and in many different industries means I’ll have plenty of exposure to a variety of businesses and challenging assignments,” Red says. Before joining Cloud Interactive, Red was an iOS developer at FET, one of Taiwan’s largest telecom companies.

“Working at Cloud Interactive is different from FET. I have the ability to seriously learn and grow,” he says. Red explains that in general, working within the constraints imposed by diverse clients — while using tools of their choosing — not only keeps things exciting but also enhances the developers’ careers by expanding their skillset.

Hao worked at a small-scale software company as a mobile developer before joining Cloud Interactive. “I like how Cloud Interactive’s departments are clearly divided into teams with well-defined roles, and task completion is coordinated and monitored,” he says.

Working collaboratively at a well-functioning company with several major international clients helps our developers build strong cross-industry skills. It also allows them to learn from teammates with specialized knowledge and experience.

How has your skills grown since starting at Cloud Interactive?

“We’re always learning and sharing new technologies and tools within the team,” Hao replies. In the growth process in use at Cloud Interactive, the development team has a weekly knowledge-sharing meeting. The meetings usually focus on three main goals:

  1. Identify all relevant technical details, concerns, or uncertainties;
  2. Ask more experienced developers for insights regarding outstanding technical details or problems.
  3. Identify the best solution for implementing more complex features.

The technical meetings help direct the project’s development internally. “These meetings help us identify the best solution to overcome the problem,” Hao says. The collaborative brainstorming sessions are often the fastest way to identify solutions to thorny issues. They save time for the development team and money for the client.

At a meeting last month, the team discussed Flutter, a new technology for mobile development, with an eye toward getting better results for clients using this revolutionary tool.

What is Flutter? When and why we should use it in App development?

Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework created by Google and released in 2017. It allows developers to create a native mobile app using one programming language and one codebase to create both an Android and an iOS version.

Red and Hao gave some reasons they like to use Flutter when developing mobile apps for clients:

  • Low-cost App Development
  • Higher Productivity
  • Increases Time-to-Market Speed
  • Great Performance
  • Goes Beyond Mobile
  • Open-source

Overall, Flutter not only provides a high-quality user experience but is also cost-friendly in the development stage. These characteristics make it the ideal tool when developing apps for clients with a short deadline and a tight budget.


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