5 Must Follow Tips for Successful Digital Transformation
The Pro-Tips for a Successful Digital Strategy
Sep 23,2020

In the age of digital transformation, companies will need to partner, rather than go it alone. At Cloud Interactive, we have a comprehensive team of data scientists, engineers, designers and app developers to help companies in highly specialized sectors architect and implement innovative systems.

Tip 1 “DO” Create a digital roadmap and vision

The entire digital transformation agenda must be well-thought out. When the digital vision is not clear, that affects the speed of adoption of both senior management and middle management. Every digital transformation journey must start with a vision and strategy that solves real problems for your business, prioritizes where to spend, where to focus on quick wins, and where you are willing to invest and take risks. Which brings us to Tip 2:

Tip 2 “STOP” being risk averse

Research from Deloitte and MIT Sloan Management Review shows that risk taking, experimentation and failure are all necessary elements for fostering innovation, but most organizations are optimized for efficiency and productivity. In order to become market leaders, companies must facilitate a shift in mindset at their organization to allow and even embrace a certain amount of risk.

Tip 3 “DO” Optimize operations

Real digital transformation comes from the way businesses change operations to capture the benefits that come from these technological innovations. By executing projects with a long-term plan for operational implementation, your business will be more efficient and ultimately more creative, spending increased time on innovations and less on roadblocks. Make sure to also follow Tip 4 for implementation success:

Tip 4 “DO” Double-down on design maturity

Design is about problem solving. It’s about reframing the problems and challenges faced by an organization and alleviating them through design thinking methods. Technologies can be developed with the user experience in mind upfront, preventing costly and difficult to correct issues down the road, and ensuring better (and happier) adoption. Companies striving towards design maturity will reap better rewards alongside digital transformation.

Tip 5 “DO” Consistently evaluate and make adjustments

According to Forrester Research, companies will never be truly transformed. As company and industry needs evolve, these changes will be even more crucial, so having consistent and ongoing evaluations is essential to long-term success. Using metrics and sharing them in ways that specific teams can leverage is necessary for growth.

Cloud Interactive has a comprehensive team of data scientists, engineers, designers, and app developers with diverse project experiences that help your business master digital transformation. Contact us now to hear our professional tips! 



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