The Transformation of ERP and New Trends in 2022
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Aug 29,2022

ERP is derived from MRP

In the beginning, when there was no ERP, when the manufacturing industry began to plan how to manage its processes, it started from "Material Requirement Planning", that is, material requirement planning.

The theoretical basis of MRP material requirements planning was to use the bill of materials for production products, as well as the lead time of production and procurement, and the procurement and production of raw materials as the basic conditions to plan when to purchase? When should it be produced? What are the quantities to be purchased? What are the quantities to be produced?

However, since the production process is very flexible, and orders are often withdrawn or inserted, this causes the company's management to be erratic and complex (for example, the data input is not in a timely manner or the inventories are inaccurate). Therefore, the traditional MRP system is a system-wide operation and inaccurate data will be calculated because the inputs of computer data are not in real-time.

Around the 1990s, the consulting company Gartner Group Inc. first proposed ERP, which extended the concept of manufacturing products to the overall management of resources in corporations, including financial, marketing, personnel, human resources integration, and research and development.


2022 new trends

Cloud ERP

There are many benefits of using cloud-based ERP. It does not require a lot of hardware equipment, and small businesses can also use cloud-based solutions. It requires less investment and stores data more securely.

Businesses are adopting cloud-based ERP to take advantage of a variety of content, such as:

  • Improving efficiency: Cloud computing provides high-speed data transfers and provides users with instant insights.

  • Lowering operating costs: Cloud-based ERP is flexible in nature, and does not require any specific hardware equipment; therefore businesses can use cloud ERP to easily store their important data.

  • Global reach: ERP services can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world, and businesses can expand their business from anywhere in the world.

  • Data Backup: With traditional ERP solutions, lost data is impossible to recover, but users can recover any lost data when using cloud ERP.


Digital transformation

Digital transformation refers to the integration of ERP with digital technologies to manage all business functions to improve day-to-day operations. This will increase revenue, increase employee productivity, and improve customer satisfaction.


AI artificial intelligence

ERP with AI capabilities enables businesses to automate complex business processes through intelligent data processing. AI-driven ERP systems and advanced analytics help build new and improved operations.


Big data analysis visualized

ERP with analytics, reports and data visualization provide users with actual data and information. Analytics capabilities help businesses predict upcoming demand and sales. Big data analytics can process structured and unstructured data to provide relevant information.



ERP is a platform that can be customized according to business needs, which provides a competitive advantage over competitors. ERP helps businesses grow more, reduce duplication of work, and manages business operations more effectively. Customized dashboards provide detailed information about business activities. The implementation of personalized ERP service is helpful for enterprises to carry out digital transformation.


Mobile ERP

Allow users to conduct operations from smartphones and tablets. Users only need an internet connection to access ERP and manage business operations efficiently.

Every business is unique and faces different challenges at different times, so the question is:

How do you determine if and when your business needs to invest in ERP?

  • Team members spend too much time on some tasks that you know can be automated and simplified.

  • You don't have easy access to the data you need to make informed decisions about the future of your business.

  • You work with manufacturers around the world and use third-party applications from around the world.

  • Over the years, your business has adopted and implemented countless different software tools and processes, but they are not interrelated.

  • You spend too much time searching for information, trying to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as integrating and scaling new tools.

  • Company teams cannot easily collaborate or share information with each other.

  • You can't access essential business data and information when outside the company.

  • You're struggling to keep up with regulatory legal compliance changes.

  • You often find or address problems too late; in other words, you aren't proactive enough to spot the pressing issues to keep your business running smoothly.


Cloud Interactive’s ERP Solution

  • Customer Relationship Management System

  • Human Resource Management

  • Service Management

  • Product Data Management

  • Planning and Scheduling

  • Items Management

  • Production Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Financial Management

  • Enterprise Performance Management


A new generation of ERP, with continuous improvements of management

New trends in ERP in 2022 will transform business operations and help generate more ROI. Next-generation ERP is the best solution for any type of business. We are an ERP development company, and we provide first-class ERP solutions.


How can Cloud Interactive help your business?

Cloud Interactive can promote the development of artificial intelligence of enterprises. We provide customized ERP software that is flexible and tailored to the needs of your industry, and has been designed with the needs of customers in distribution, retail, production, and service industries in mind. Our international team from Silicon Valley addresses our clients' unique business processes and operational requirements and incorporates this experience into every cloud and on-premises solution. With analysis of pain points of enterprises, Cloud Interactive's ERP solution will not only promote the development of international businesses, but also effectively manage the complex personnel division of various departments.


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