[Summer 2020] Project Management Interns Review
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Oct 06,2020

The 8-week summer internship program provides emerging talent with hands-on experience in industry, enabling you to make positive changes during the amazing summer internship experience.

PM Intern Review — Jenny

“ Feel free to ask questions at any point! ” During my two months internship, all the colleagues here at Cloud Interactive are more than happy to answer questions and share their career experiences with me. I was lucky to be part of this great internship program and working in the industry which I have no relevant experience in the past. Not only have I learned about the project management and communications skills from the PM team but also I have learned so much practical experience in software development and UX / UI design. Additionally, it was great working with other interns with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Working with diverse individuals with different strengths and abilities has brought different perspectives and ideas for each project and made a more well-rounded team. Lastly, I wanted to thank the PM team for taking such good care of me and being very supportive during the internship. It was an amazing opportunity to join the Cloud Interactive family!

PM Intern Review — Freesia

I’m grateful that I received this great opportunity working at Cloud Interactive as an intern this summer. The experience brought me out of my comfort zone of the class. I’ve learned that there are several differences between work and school such as social life, communications methods, and performance expectations. During the internship, I was able to be involved in an actual project which I worked closely with PM, UX/UI designers, SA, and developers. Each of these roles has a different perspective of the project, and being a project manager, it is important for us to have strong communication skills to be able to control risk and minimize the uncertainty. I wanted to thank my mentor for being supportive and providing the guidance for my future career path. I also wanted to thank all the colleagues at Cloud Interactive for sharing your personal experiences and the things I should pay attention to in the workplace. I’ve gained a lot of great experience during this internship because of you! It was my pleasure to have the experience working with such talented people at Cloud Interactive.

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