Livestream platforms: the next step for the retail industry
Integrate systems and collect valuable real-time data to improve the user experience
Aug 26,2021

With traditional retailers seeing a decrease in traffic to offline, physical stores during the pandemic, they have needed to update their technology in order to maintain business operations. Enter live streaming broadcasts, which are interactive, real-time, and personalized, allowing businesses to communicate directly with their customers, as well as to analyze customer behavior and look for new business opportunities.


Scenario: live video streaming is popular but not necessarily effective for businesses

Nowadays, consumers have been increasingly using live video streaming to interact with friends, family, and followers. While video streaming is particularly desirable for personal interactions, businesses have begun to use such technologies in their e-commerce strategies. A well designed streaming platform allows businesses to interact with consumers in real time, making shopping a more personal experience and consequently improving sales. Although livestream services are available on a variety of platforms, a platform which integrates both user data and product information is still rare. Switching between apps to purchase items during a livestream further complicates the customer experience and additionally prevents businesses from generating data conducive to implementing reward programs and performing advanced analytics. Worse yet, ineffective UX/UI design may keep customers from using platforms and hinder sales growth.


Solution: multifunctional livestream platform + back-end management system

Instead of simply hosting livestreams on third-party platforms, Cloud Interactive offers customers a unique solution in its one-stop, visually appealing, and systematically designed streaming platform. The multifunctional livestream platform, combined with back-end management services, attends to all of the various needs of customers and businesses. To improve the viewer experience, for instance, the platform can include multiple features such as livestream notifications, real-time commenting, interactive activities, and product page links. In addition, individual live streaming sessions are equipped with chat room management, purchasing management, featured video clip access, and data analysis, all of which helps companies in gaining deeper insights into consumer behavior. The back-end platform further provides wide-ranging administrative management: livestream permissions, product detail access, and user data management. As a result, businesses gain observability into consumer behavior and various aspects of their business.


Results: positive customer feedback and more data-based analysis

With full-stack engineering capabilities and a cutting-edge design team, Cloud Interactive creates technologies such as this industry-leading, multifunctional livestream platform. Our customized and integrated livestream solution immediately attracts user attention through increased website traffic and consequently improves customer approval ratings. With added back-end management, companies can immediately make necessary adjustments and conduct further analysis to steer their business in the right direction. 


Choose Cloud Interactive!

For those looking to expand into the e-commerce world, we not only offer website development and back-end systems but even mobile app development. Cloud Interactive, with design-forward thinking and a wealth of industry experience, is the premier choice for businesses looking to update technology and complete the ultimate goal of digital transformation. Contact us for more information on our e-commerce solutions!


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