Choose the Best Cloud Services for Your Business Is the Key to Innovation
Accelerating digital transformation through cloud technologies
Oct 21,2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the global economic environment, enterprises must stay agile and flexible to keep up with the market changes. These changes have forced enterprises to shift their business transformation strategies and accelerate cloud technology adoption in response to the current market environment’s “new normal.”


In this turbulent business environment, cloud computing has become a catalyst for successful digital transformation. It delivers IT resources and computing services on-demand to end users over the Internet and allows organizations to innovate faster and efficiently manage complex IT infrastructures. Cloud adoption has increased significantly in recent years and has become indispensable in driving business transformation and growth. The current economic condition facilitates enterprises to leverage cloud capabilities to create maximum value for their organization. This market trend has also led to the tremendous growth of Cloud-as-a-Service offerings.


Technological innovation is constantly evolving. Cloud services have become more critical and ubiquitous in the current market environment. Cloud adoption even enables enterprises to improve agility, scalability, elasticity, efficiency, and security while reducing cost and risks. Most importantly, companies can derive valuable business insights from their cloud data and make data-driven decisions. 


There are many providers offering cloud products and services in the marketplace. According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for cloud infrastructure and platform services, the three leading providers are Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft, and Google. These cloud leaders provide an integrated cloud platform and a wide variety of cloud products to manage your IT resources. The most common offerings include analytics, computing, storage, database, developer tools, and machine learning. All of these cloud products can support you in simplifying cloud adoption. 


What are the current cloud service providers?

Organizations use the cloud for different use cases. Cloud providers’ similar yet diverse products make it difficult for companies to select the right cloud platform for their business. Therefore, understanding the strengths of each cloud provider is critical for companies to make the best selection.


The main suppliers currently in the market are Amazon AWSMicrosoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.


For businesses who seek a diverse array of services, flexible tools integration, and larger geographical areas of operations, AWS is an excellent choice for those businesses. AWS focuses on providing comprehensive cloud services and third-party tools integration support. Its featured integration services include AWS Step Functions, Amazon AppFlow, and Amazon EventBridge. The breadth and depth of services offerings become AWS’s advantage when developer functionalities are the priority for the business. Apart from offering various products and services, AWS’s security services provide superior protection and control for all your data and cloud environments. AWS’s services can automate manual security tasks and allow enterprises to focus more on innovating their business. Some popular security services such as AWS Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall, and Amazon Macie can help enterprises elevate essential cloud security, build reliable cloud environments, and adopt cloud services smoothly. 


Some organizations may want to interoperate their on-premises infrastructure with the public cloud to maximize the value of their technology investments from both models. A hybrid cloud solution can satisfy this business need. Instead of relying on a single computing resource, the hybrid cloud gives organizations greater flexibility and deployment options to scale computing capabilities and take advantage of cloud innovation. Microsoft Azure is the more open hybrid cloud system among all the cloud providers, giving it a unique advantage in hybrid cloud deployment and management. Services like Azure Arc and Azure Stack enable organizations to better govern hybrid environments and develop hybrid applications across IT infrastructures. 


During your cloud adoption journey, analytics services handle large volumes of data and extract valuable insights for businesses. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is dominant in the market when it comes to data analytics capabilities with featured offerings such as Big Query, Cloud Data Fusion, and Dataflow. GCP’s innovative analytics solutions empower enterprises to analyze and modernize the complex data lake in real time and deliver better business outcomes through actionable business insights. Additionally, Google provides comprehensive database solutions for enterprises. Products like Cloud Spanner, a fully managed relational database that simplifies the process of data migration, modernization, and transformation. Its key features include a highly scalable relational database, solid transactional consistency, and automatic sharding that enable businesses to innovate and deploy faster and efficiently in the cloud.


As a business’ IT workloads increase, multi-cloud adoption is a great option for enterprises because it provides greater flexibility in leveraging the advantages of different cloud providers. The multi-cloud strategy also enables businesses to mitigate risks, optimize cloud spending, and improve computing efficiency. All these benefits have encouraged enterprises to start adopting this strategy in their cloud transformation journey.


Who can provide professional cloud consulting services?

Cloud Interactive (CI) has partnered with AWS and Microsoft Azure to provide comprehensive cloud solutions for businesses in different industries. CI offers custom solutions to address your business needs, including needs assessment, cloud consulting services, managed services, licensing, and custom cloud-based software development. CI’s robust cloud partnership ecosystem also provides the latest cloud technologies and support to optimize your cloud environments. With specialized knowledge and extensive experience in managing cloud services, CI is confident in helping enterprises accelerate cloud innovation and get the best value from the cloud.


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