[Summer 2020] Marketing Interns Review
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Oct 06,2020

The 8-week summer internship program provides emerging talent with hands-on experience in industry, enabling you to make a positive changes during the amazing summer internship experience.

Marketing Intern Review —Tracy

I really appreciate that Cloud Interactive gave me this valuable opportunity working and learning with these people and this environment here. During this two-month internship, I’ve not only learned how B2B marketing works but also the skills of communication, these valuable experiences teach me how to work more productively and how to communicate with others more efficiently. I’m also grateful that my manager is always willing to give us opportunities to learn more and answer our questions patiently and unreservedly. Moreover, it was a delight to work with other intern partners who came from diverse backgrounds, having different points of view and learning from each other. This summer internship in Cloud Interactive was a memorable experience and I’ve learned a lot throughout the process!

Marketing Intern Review — Emily

I’m extremely grateful to have this opportunity to work at Cloud Interactive as an Intern during my freshman year of college. Throughout the 8 weeks of internship, I’ve learned different aspects of marketing, gained hands-on experiences, and grew both professionally and personally. From market research to data analysis, from SEO to Google Ads Keyword, and from website content marketing to social media strategy, I found it interesting to put myself in a business point of view instead of a consumer, who we are everyday. I was able to understand what B2B marketing is and how different it is from B2C marketing through focusing on different topics of marketing every week. My manager has provided me invaluable guidance, insights, and experiences that have allowed me to succeed in this role and would continue to impact me in future roles. It was amazing to see how much I’ve grown after this fruitful internship!

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