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Bridging tech gaps and empowering every business aspiring to create a unified and efficient work environment.
We seamlessly integrate large-scale databases, connecting with third-party software to foster synergy in your technological landscape. Our proficiency in cloud-based IT infrastructure offers scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to help you stay ahead of the game.Whether you aim to improve communication, streamline processes, or optimize overall performance, we specialize in connecting technologies to empower businesses like yours.
At Cloud Interactive, we understand that successful system integration is not just about connecting pieces; it's about enhancing overall operational efficiency and contributing to your bottom line.

System Integration Services We Provide

Enterprise Application Integration

Our Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services streamline all your organization’s enterprise applications, creating greater efficiency, swifter decision-making, and more cohesive workflows throughout your internal systems.

Database Integration

Our database integration services synchronize data across all your systems, eliminating data redundancies and minimizing errors. By consolidating your data in one location, you’ll have a rock-solid foundation for decision-making, internal reporting, and analytics.

Cloud Integration

We consolidate cloud services or applications to enhance business operations and information flow. This integration connects cloud applications, databases, and platforms to facilitate data sharing, process automation, and improved collaboration. As an official certified partner of the AWS cloud platform, we assist businesses in boosting flexibility, reducing costs, and better addressing evolving market demands.

Hardware and Software Integration

We specialize in integrating your hardware components with robust software solutions to ensure optimal performance and functionality. Through this integration, you can enhance hardware efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver better user experiences. Our integration services, including IoT devices, smart homes, and embedded systems, can benefit various areas.

Cloud Interactive: System Integration Service Provider

Industry-leading Expertise

Cloud Interactive has a top-notch design and development team with over ten years of service expertise in healthcare, finance, and technology. Our proven track record includes successfully managing large-scale international projects for clients worldwide.

Robust Information Security

At Cloud Interactive, we place a paramount focus on information security. Having catered to numerous large multinational enterprises and the financial sector, we adhere to the highest information security certification standards to safeguard your valuable data.

A User-Centric Integration Philosophy

Our IT system integration services are rooted in a “human-centric design” philosophy that places the user at the heart of all system interactions. We strive to create enterprise systems that are not only user-friendly but also accessible to individuals with diverse needs.

Embrace Transition With Ease

Our specialty is navigating the complexities of legacy system integration. Our team excels in integrating legacy system technologies, allowing your organization to embrace modern functionalities without compromising the stability and reliability of your existing infrastructure.



















Choose One of Our Flexible Packages

Dedicated Team Package
The Dedicated Team integration package is well-suited for businesses with evolving and complex integration needs for their project, requiring ongoing involvement and flexibility in scaling resources based on project needs.
Fixed-Price Package
Our Fixed-price integration package caters to clients with well-defined and stable integration projects. This option is ideal for one-time, cost-effective IT system integration services with a predictable budget, where the scope and deliverables are established from the outset.
Flexible-Points-Based Pricing Package
This package suits businesses with integration requirements that may change during the project. This package has everything you need for clients who want to balance project flexibility and cost control.

How Can Your Business Benefit from System Integrations?

Centralized Data Flow
Integrating your enterprise applications, databases, and cloud services ensures all-in-one operations and a single source of data collection within your organization.
Comprehensive Data Analysis
Streamlining systems through integration arms your business with a comprehensive overview of its entire data flow, allowing you to gather, analyze, and interpret data easily.
Scale Without Limits
A combined integration approach allows your system to scale alongside your business while providing flexibility and cost efficiency by using cloud services to simplify database management and growth.