AI & Machine Learning

We create custom Artificial Intelligence Systems and integrate them with your existing enterprise architecture.

Our Capabilities

Applied AI Consulting
ML Process Consulting
Data Science
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Client Profiling and Intelligent Recommendations
Intelligent Agents Integrating (Assistants, Chatbots, & Conversational IVR)
Visual Search, Image Tagging, & Brand Identification
Facial Recognition, Action Tracking, Security & Compliance

AI & Machine Learning Use Cases across Industries


Forward-thinking communications service providers have focused their AI investments on four main areas: Network Optimization, Preventive Maintenance, Virtual Assistants, and RPA.

Retail & Ecommerce

With AI and Machine Learning, retailers can predict customers’ behavior and individualize their shopping experiences.

Finance & Banking

AI offers a new level of service for financial forecasting, customer service, and data security, e.g., Fintech chatbots and AML solutions.

Advertising & Marketing

Most marketers utilize AI in market research, data science, and real-time campaign analysis. Performance optimization is one of the key use cases for AI in advertising.

Customized AI solutions we provide allow our clients to achieve:

This option is ideal for a business seeking highly personalized, custom software application development services for long-term projects that scale resources based on project needs.
This package caters to clients with a well-defined and stable integration project, offering one-time, affordable custom software development solutions with a predictable budget.
Designed for clients who value adaptability, this option aligns costs with project progress and your business’s evolving needs, balancing project flexibility and cost control.

Why Choose Cloud Interactive?

End to End Solutions

We offer vital end-to-end UX/UI Design and software development services to help you improve your business.

Flexibility & Cost-Effectiveness

Flexible engagement models & competitive pricing.

Comprehensive Data Science Team

A multifunctional team of data analytics experts who can deliver agile solutions of different complexity levels.