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WaveOne is a cloud-based, fully featured, enterprise grade Point of Sale solution. Going far beyond traditional point-of-sale, it integrates Online Catalogs, Brand Membership, Sales Incentive Programs, Booking, Inventory Management, and BI Analytics into a comprehensive solution for running your business.
Cloud POS Systems
With our cloud-based POS software, your retail stores, products, customers and orders are automatically synced everywhere.
Cloud-Based CRM
Capture customer information from your POS and connect regularly to keep your business top of mind.
O2O Synchronization
All offline transactions are automatically synced with your store’s cloud once you get back online.

Why WaveOne POS?

Customizable POS Workflow
Distilling a decade of experience in custom software, expertise across various technology stacks and in 26 industries, we pride ourselves on having one of the most flexible and customizable POS systems on the market, iPad or otherwise.
Integrated O2O Management Solutions
Our centralized and integrated O2O solution allows companies to accommodate a wide variety of suppliers, distributors and stores on a single platform, while automating sales administration and maintaining operational efficiency by integrating all your retail applications, CRMs and ERPs to the architecture.
Dashboards for Visualizing Performance
WaveOne POS software will be able to provide users with relevant reports such as sales reports, inventory reports, employee reports, and store reports to help you make profit-enhancing decisions, in a timely manner.
Easy to Use with An Intuitive Design
Our designs create an intuitive user experience to reflect your exact needs with a fully tailorable user interface. New staff will learn the system in minutes and existing staff make fewer mistakes and serve customers faster.
POS Synchronized Data
Get actionable data with real-time visibility into sales performance at all levels of business, whether single brand or multiple-concept franchising models. Act fast to capitalize on sales trends with real-time reporting across channels

With our POS system, you could

Using the POS system can have a positive effect on your business. It allows you to have better control over your business operations.
Provide In-Depth Analysis about Customers' Buying Behavior
Expand Payment Capabilities
Reduce Time & Mistakes Spent on Administration
Increase Store Profitability
Increase Customer Loyalty

WaveOne POS advantages across Industries

Improve inventory management

From tracking a product’s quantity-on-hand to setting up reorder triggers and a retail matrix, WaveOne POS software allows businesses to track and manage goods with high accuracy.

Customer loyalty and retention

Create loyalty programs for valued customers to gain repeat customers and increase sales. This can be achieved through the use of loyalty points and vouchers. 

Capture customer data quickly

POS reports give you data in real-time, and formatted with easy-to-read information. With cloud POS reporting, you can access reports even when you are at home or traveling.

Faster and more accurate business decisions

With the flexible, easy-to-use reporting options, you will know exactly which products sell the most at which time, as well as what you will need to buy or discount.

Sales orders from POS to eCommerce channels

WaveOne POS technology allows you to make the most of the checkout experience to engage customers and make sure they leave with a good impression of your brand.

Save time and money

Increase productivity and efficiency with a very simple and easy-to-use POS system that can meet changing demands quickly.

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