New Relic APM Platform
A Cost-Effective and Real-Time Observability Platform

Comprehensive APM Tools to Build More Perfect Software

New Relic is a cloud-based software as a service provider of application performance monitoring (APM) tools, which helps engineers track, analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize web application performance in one place and accelerate your cloud journey. The platform helps you to get full observability for all cloud environments—private, public, multi-, and hybrid clouds:
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
IBM Cloud

Introduction to New Relic One

Telemetry Data Platform
Collect, visualize and get real-time alerts of your operational data in one place to detect and resolve issues faster.
Full-Stack Observability
Analyze, troubleshoot and optimize your entire software stack easily.
Applied Intelligence
Automatically and instantly detect and diagnose potential problems across all applications and services.

Why New Relic One?

Connect Analytics Results to Business Outcomes
Operate Faster and More Efficiently
Reduce Risk and Expedite Digital Transformation
More Time to Innovate Better Software
Improve Uptime and Performance

Challenges of Application Management

Excessive Spending
New Relic allows you to optimize tooling with the best APM solutions which reduce complexity and capital expense.
Complex Pricing Structures
New Relic offers usage-based billing which makes it easy to manage your costs.
Disconnected Platforms
New Relic provides full-stack visibility into your entire software stack from one unified platform.
Lack of Measurability
New Relic allows you to measure your data with confidence and easily integrate with your cloud services.
Complicated Toolkits
New Relic's intuitive interface, useful charts, and slick navigation help you to navigate through tools and dashboard easily.
Unclear Paths to Resolution
New Relic’s application monitoring tools provide helpful and automatic insights into your application performance which help solve problems faster.

Our Services for All Industries

System Monitoring and Performance Management
We provide monitoring, performance management, and root cause analysis for all your applications on the platform.
Automated Incident Alert Management
Automatically deliver incident alerts with insights via messaging app or email, so you can quickly understand application performance.
Continuous Optimization
Continuously monitor and optimize your system performance and stability for improving efficiency and productivity.
Event Exclusion and Tracking
We build comprehensive incident workflows for any issues on your platform, which helps you troubleshoot faster and prevent potential problems in the future.
Monitoring and Reporting Progress
Report application performance and analytics regularly, which ensures your platform meets Service Level Objectives.
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New Relic Solutions Across Industries

E-Commerce and Retail

With New Relic, retailers can gain a deep understanding of their business data and customer experience through metrics, events, logs and traces (MELT) which help improve business operations and deliver exceptional shopping experiences to customers.

Digital Media

New Relic platform helps monitor and improve digital media performance easily, so you can be prepared during large traffic flows and drive ad revenues by optimizing the customer experience.

Government and Public Sector

New Relic provides data-driven insights and observability for every aspect of your technical efforts (applications, infrastructure, digital citizen experience, cloud migration and optimization, and DevOps effective practices), which helps stakeholders easily monitor and optimize application performance and respond to problems faster.

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