Cloud Interactive DMP
A Data Management Platform Leveraging Data to Generate Business Value

Custom DMP Tailored for Your Business

Cloud Interactive DMP is a real-time, cloud-based, customizable AI platform developed in conjunction with Amazon Web Services. It provides a foundation for online AI and ML analysis that integrates rapidly with any in-house or third party data system.
Sophisticated and continuous-learning AI platforms for analyzing and optimizing campaign performance
Access advanced cross-platform tracking features to construct high quality 1st-party audience data
Seamless engineering, data science, and design
Real-time metrics, detailed reporting, and advanced quantitative analysis

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Why Cloud Interactive DMP?

Real-Time AI
You don’t want to wait for insights. Cloud Interactive DMP based data processing services perform complex analysis, facilitating both deep learning and more traditional quantitative techniques, in real-time.
Online Data Transformation
Most big-data systems aggregate and transform it for processing “offline”. Data must be queued, transformed and massaged for analysis prior to its use. In other words, it makes you wait. Cloud Interactive DMP brings ETL “online”, and with this innovation allows you to make immediate use of your data.
Channel-Based Data Streaming
Where does your data come from? Cloud Interactive DMP conceptualizes data as real-time streaming channels. As you scale, additional data channels can be quickly integrated into your Cloud Interactive DMPinstance. Analysis spans these channels, and reveals insights not only within channels, but also in relationships across them.
Intuitive User Interface
Cloud Interactive DMP provides a friendly interface to choose the target audience that best fits your campaigns. Our ML model will keep optimize the target audience base on campaign feedback data.

With our DMP, you could

Target the right people, in the right place, at the right time.
Increase campaign ROI
Trigger a positive emotional response
Increase brand salience
Maximize campaign reach
Match channels to their goals

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