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Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
As an AI and machine learning company, we work to locate AI opportunities for your company, design custom solutions, then guide you through the whole process of AI integration.With our expertise in applied AI and software development, we help our clients build smart systems that mirror the paths of human decision-making, while automating tasks that don't require human input. Our AI solutions help clients drive sales, optimize targeting and promotion, and deepen customer engagement.
  1. 1. Marketing and CRM:
    a. Recommendation system
    b. Pricing optimization
    c. Advanced marketing analytics & modeling
    d. Loyalty marketing & personalization
    e. Omnichannel marketing & mobile marketing
  1. 2. Customer Service:
    a. Chatbot
    b. Visual search
    c. Customer analytics & reporting
  1. 3. IT & Operations:
    a. AI consultancy
    b. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    c. Inventory & supply chain optimization
  1. 4. Sales:
    a. Sales forecasting
    b. Predictive modeling
    c. Prescriptive sales
  • AI recommendation systems in mobile apps
  • Fintech chatbots (with text and voice recognition capabilities)
  • Visual search for e-commerce
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) for manufacturing and eCommerce
  • AI consultancy for retail
Big Data & Advanced Analytics
Cloud Interactive specializes in building incisive big data analysis into each system we design, leading to better decisions, strategic business moves and results at a company's bottom line.Our big data solutions often include both a full design overhaul and development execution in highly specialized and complex industries. Actively integrating data from all dimensions of your organization, and turning big data into actionable insights, are our areas of expertise.
  • Manufacturing, energy & construction -- preventive maintenance and support
  • Retail & manufacturing -- Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Finance & insurance -- 360° view of the customer
  • Media & communications -- precision marketing
  • Resorts & casinos -- revenue optimization & enhancement
Mobile First Strategy
In this age of mobile computing, users rightfully expect access to information through their mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. Enterprises that can rise to this challenge stand to capture huge business opportunities. Cloud Interactive specializes in aligning your digital strategy to your corporate goals.In service of this pursuit, Cloud Interactive offers a broad range of digital services. Cloud Interactive provides world-class design and engineering capability for native mobile applications (iOS & Android) and hybrid platforms, as well as Responsive Web applications at any scale. We work to ensure that your users enjoy a delightful, consistent, and seamless experience on whatever platform they choose.
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • Internet Finance – Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Applications - Travel applications
  • i-logistics applications, and more
Business Process Management
From small and simple transactions, to the long and lasting interactions that underpin your client relationships, your firm lives or dies by its Business Processes. Companies must avail themselves of technology to integrate people, organizations, and information, to improve work efficiency, and to reduce operating costs.Cloud Interactive works to clarify your core strategies and values, and improve and innovate your business processes. At the intersection of business process analysis, design, and technology, Cloud Interactive stands ready to supercharge your business.
  • High-Tech, Manufacturing, Medical,
  • Retail, Finance, and more
Custom Services & Innovative IT Solutions
Cloud Interactive creates custom software solutions to streamline workflows, visualize ideas and information, and reveal insights that create business value. Often, our projects fit one of the following archetypes:
Web-Based Applications
A Web Application offers a cloud-based user experience with the benefits and “feel” of an installed app, but without the burdens or cost of native software.
Cloud Interactive Web Applications offer advantages in usability and scalability that make them well suited for many corporate and enterprise scenarios. See our Cisco and Renesas case studies.
Professional Fields
  • Custom Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Process Automation
  • Web Analytics & Statistics
  • Collaboration Platform
  • E-commerce
  • Front-End Development (HTML5/CSS3, ReactJS, Angular, VueJS, Bootstrap, PureCSS)
  • Back-End Development (.NET, Java EE, PHP, NodeJS, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle)
  • Big Data (MongoDB, OData, Redis, Couch DB, Cassandra, Hadoop)
  • Third Party Services Integration
Mobile Applications
As smart mobile devices have become ubiquitous, users expect to be constantly connected to their information, and to execute their critical workflows “wherever, whenever.” New form-factors and formats challenge businesses to offer a seamless experience across a range of platforms.
Cloud Interactive not only designs and develops revolutionary mobile applications, but also helps you build business strategies that maximize the potential of mobile computing for your firm. We offer both fully native and native-hybrid solutions to best support your business goals.
Professional Fields
  • Custom Solutions
  • Mobile Client of Web-Based Applications
  • Mobile Compatible Websites
  • Content Aggregation
  • Analytics
  • Native Applications: Android (Java) & iOS(iPhone & iPad, Swift, Objective C)
  • Hybrid (React Native, Angular, HTML5) Mobile Applications
Web Design & Development
Cloud Interactive-developed websites focus on guiding users quickly to the information they need, while providing a dynamic and exciting representation of your brand. Our User-Centered Design philosophy ensures that we are always empathetic and attentive to your users’ needs.
What’s more, our expert back-end team provides flexible solutions that respond instantly, scale rapidly, are easily managed, and provide valuable business intelligence insights.
Professional Fields
  • Fortune Global 500 Websites
  • Government Sites
  • E-commerce
  • Microsites
  • Enterprise Web Portal
  • Intranet Portal
  • Partner Portal
  • Front-End Development (HTML5/CSS3, ReactJS, Angular, VueJS, Bootstrap, PureCSS)
  • Back-End Development (.NET, Java EE, PHP, NodeJS, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle)
Enterprise Systems & Internal Infrastructure
The crux of enterprise operations is ensuring that internal systems are well-integrated and work symbiotically with your internal processes, procedures, and policies. Cloud Interactive custom Enterprise Solutions help you manage complexity, enhance communication, and provide critical infrastructure for your business activities. Our internal solutions feature industry-leading platform security, and can be tailored to work seamlessly with your legacy systems.
Cloud Interactive provides consulting services to align business strategy, IT infrastructure, software properties, and cyber security practices. We seek to establish long-term partnerships with our clients to ensure their success far into the future.
Professional Fields
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Business Intelligence Integration
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Process Automation
  • Infrastructure
  • System Support & Maintenance
  • Front-End Development (HTML5/CSS3, ReactJS, Angular, VueJS, Bootstrap, PureCSS)
  • Back-End Development (.NET, Java EE, PHP, NodeJS, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle)
Web, Mobile, & Cloud: let’s turn your wildest ideas into reality
At Cloud Interactive, our clients are our partners. We work closely with you to deliver innovative and industry-leading software solutions. Our team thrives at the cutting edge, leveraging the latest and most advanced techniques in Intelligent System Development, UX/UI design, software engineering, and project management to take your business to the next level. No firm will work harder (or smarter) than Cloud Interactive to ensure your success.