RSVMe instantly matches customers to available cosmetic and beauty services providers in the Bay Area. The more flexible a booking is, the bigger the savings offered through exclusive deals, meaning customers search less and save more. Cloud Interactive provided a comprehensive UX/UI redesign to help RSVMe better serve its niche. Cloud Interactive's redesign not only maximized the efficiency with which service providers are matched to new customers, but also branded and improved the entire RSVMe user experience.
The UI/UX Design Challenge
Established in 2011, RSVMe had a lot going for it, including a unique matching mechanism, mobile sales platform, and a substantial customer database. RSVMe had been alert to the huge market opportunity for an Uber-like business model applied to cosmetic services. However, there were significant challenges that would need to be overcome for RSVMe to take its business to the next level.In its original form, RSVMe had provided a wide range of beauty and wellness services from manicures to eye exams. Initial design focused on a clean and gender-neutral look, applying traditional search and booking interfaces. The resulting information architecture and task flows turned out to be an awkward fit, threatening to compromise RSVMe’s core values-- search less and save more. Conversion rates were low, users were frustrated, and growth stagnated for RSVMe.
Innovative Matching Algorithm for Platform Economy
With a strong foundation of unique matching technology, RSVMe is able to instantly match customers and service providers at a settled price, time, and location. This process is quick and convenient, allowing providers to effectively manage demand and capacity beforehand, while also helping customers quickly find services that fit their budgets.Every business searchable on RSVMe is carefully screened, so that RSVMe customers can expect a quality provider every time. The app is now ranked 4.5 out of 5 stars. As one review puts it: “Great App! Fast and super easy and intuitive to use. Lots of great deals.”
Adopting Niche Market Strategy to Reveal Value Proposition
After assessing RSVMe’s dilemma, Cloud Interactive's UX/UI design team started with research and analysis. We collected feedback from online surveys, focus groups and interviews, carefully distinguishing between power users, casual users, one-time users and non-users.Through Cloud Interactive’s consulting process, we suggested RSVMe focus on its core value proposition-- search less and save more-- as well as target a specific group-- price-conscious women looking for quality cosmetic and salon services, but without much time to look.Following this niche positioning, our design team worked on a redesign of RSVMe’s branding, aiming to create a holistically branded user experience with consistent and intuitively navigable information architecture throughout. We opted for a purple and gold color scheme, moving away from the original black, and further UX/UI improvements aimed at creating a visual sequence tailored to our niche. Our new design ensured users would be able to easily integrate RSVMe into their busy lives.
Leveraging User Experience Design in Driving Business Results
There are many benefits to attentive user experience design for digital businesses. In this case, RSVMe works to match customers with nearby providers of a given service. On top of that, RSVMe maintains its own matching algorithm for flexible booking, incentivized by a variety of exclusive deals. That is, the more flexible a customer's schedule preferences are, the better the deals they can hope to receive.Our goals for redesign were simple: effectively target RSVMe's niche, and drive customer loyalty for a better ROI. Let’s explore the advantages of RSVMe’s app:
Cloud Interactive aligns Enterprise Strategy with UX Design to create Business Value
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