Whether it’s from a boutique or even your own closet, Poshmark is the leading online marketplace to buy and sell fashion. The retail unicorn quickly distinguished itself with easy-to-use web and app portals, both of which help drive its thriving user community. In this, Poshmark has successfully married technology, fashion, and e-commerce. Partnering with Cloud Interactive, Poshmark has delivered appealing visual assets which have accelerated their business.
How to Build a Social Marketplace Empire: Start Simple, Focus
Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Poshmark launched in 2011, but its true start could be said to be earlier. That would be the day founder and current CEO Manish Candra, looking into his wife's wardrobe, noticed clothes that were seldom worn. He believes everything started from dogged focus on a single goal: to solve the problem in a way that would also help people.Manish Chandra recognized the pain point for many fashion consumers and had a vision to neutralize it. He would build an online fashion platform big enough to impact LVMH in the physical world. Now Poshmark gathers over $4 million worth of inventory every day, always following one simple guiding principle: buying and selling on Poshmark should be fun.
Appealing Visual Assets Contributed by Millions of Poshers
If you ever find your closet is full, you need only upload a photo to list an item! It's quick, simple and fun for Poshers. In this way, not only Poshmark's dedication to simplicity and convenience, but their trust in the wisdom of their users' whims, accounts for the platform's remarkable growth: over 25 million items listed, representing more than 5,000 different brands.Poshmark works with Cloud Interactive to distill thousands of user-provided visual assets into valuable branding and marketing materials. Featured online social functions include the "Posh Insider" as well as the new "Posh Stylist Match," which instantly connects the requestee to another user- a designated stylist. The result is a personal stylist for any occasion- from date night to the big interview- and also a perfect example of using existing resources to foster both community and commerce. Poshmark successfully leverages its visual assets to drive purchasing behaviors across its vibrant community.
Why Poshmark? They Make Shopping a Social Event!
The key success factor for an online marketplace is to streamline connection between users on either side of the platform- buyers and sellers. Poshmark achieves this by establishing a fun and friendly environment where people are able to shop in each other’s closets. Building on this theme, Poshmark hosts “Posh Parties” where users can share listings themed by a specific brand, season, or category. Other events like the annual “PoshFest” conference and “PoshLife” allow for deeper connections within Poshmark’s community, and empower users to grow their own consignment businesses.Powered by Cloud Interactive design and marketing materials, Poshmark succeeds by making shopping social.
Cloud Interactive and Poshmark Work Together to Create a Social Experience
Cloud Interactive works with Poshmark to create compelling Visual Design, User Interfaces, responsive EDM, and promotional materials that support and enhance Poshmark’s strong sense of brand.Cloud Interactive took advantage of its own visual design, user interface design and front-end development experience to create responsive EDM, as well as site-wide and in-app promotional banners to meet Poshmark’s core need: accelerate marketplace activity to drive momentum.
Cloud Interactive aligns Enterprise Strategy with UX Design to create Business Value
‘Professional, Creative, Driven, and Detail-Oriented’ are key characteristics of the Cloud Interactive team. We are formed of professionals representing the top of their fields. Through creative thinking, engaging user experience design, and innovative engineering, Cloud Interactive unleashes the true potential of your business.