The client is a Malaysian resort development comprising hotels, shopping malls, theme parks, and casinos. Cloud Interactive worked with them to design and develop a custom solution to improve casino security and create a better gaming experience for customers.
Industry: Entertainment
Company Size: 13,000 Employees
Revenue: $20.9 billion USD
Technology: Software Design & Development, Facial Recognition
Cloud Interactive innovation R&D team developed a facial recognition system by using our Software Design & Development and facial recognition system for use in the client's casino.


A Cloud Interactive innovation R&D team developed a facial recognition system for use in the client's casino. The state-of-the-art system helps the casino staff identify both high-value guests and guests who may pose problems. The system has helped make their casino more secure and profitable while boosting the customer experience.


Increased Casino Security
Increased overall casino security by providing proper monitoring of casino gaming.
Increased Profitability
Increased efficiencies and drive revenue through valuable real-time or analytical intelligence.
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Creates engaging and interactive gaming experiences to maximize customer satisfaction.


The client needed a fast, discreet, and effective way to verify the identity of players in their casinos' Baccarat card games. Casino staff needed to be able to identify high rollers the moment they entered the game to ensure the highest caliber of service. Staff members also needed to be immediately alerted to the presence of potential problem players.

The client approached Cloud Interactive with this challenging project at a Global AI Summit. Our team of designers and engineers knew that the solution would need to harness the power of AI and Machine Learning to provide efficient and reliable casino customer screening.


The Cloud Interactive team first worked on a Proof of Concept (PoC). They conducted on-site research at the client's premises to understand the environment, physical equipment, player habits, and IT infrastructure. In the PoC stage, we conducted vendor and toolkit evaluations and presented the findings to our client.

By capturing images of casino-goers from on-table IP cameras, facial recognition software analyzes individuals present with those already logged in a casino's database. When high rollers enter, the casino's staff can be quickly prepared to offer exceptional service to these valuable guests.

Cloud Interactive helped build a more comprehensive customer database for CRM and marketing needs. The resulting system also checks players' faces against a database of known criminals and those on voluntary exclusion programs. The system has ensured not only a safer and more profitable casino but also an improved gaming experience for legitimate visitors.

As an AI/ML consultant, our value is to present options for total solutions. We provided recommendations based on facial recognition techniques and implemented player identification by integrating the functionality via API. Our customized software and user interface design accomplished intelligent solutions that aligned with our client's roadmap.

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