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QA Manager

The person is expected to

  • Understand the implementation of functional testing, integration testing, system testing, etc. through the software development and testing process
  • Familiar with manual testing, Python automated testing
  • Familiar with the use of JIRA to be able to record and track product issues, and analyze and feedback to the development department through tools
  • Familiar with stress testing Jmeter, vulnerability scanning Nessus, source code scanning SonarQube or CheckMarx and other testing tools
  • Familiar with various functional requirements categories of Postman API testing, and conduct business and technical software testing
  • Instruct team members to request information such as design and system specifications, design, write and execute test plans and various types of test cases.
  • Experienced in project management, able to communicate project priorities with PM.
  • Lead and manage a team and deploy human resources.
  • Provide estimated QA working hours in conjunction with project Pre-Sales.
  • Complete the tasks assigned by the manager



Job Requirements

  • 5+ years of experience in web, app development or testing related fields
  • Familiar with Python, Selenium, Jmeter, SonarQube, Cypress.js, CheckMarx, TestComplete