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The person is expected to
  • Draw up test plans, Test script planning, execution, and evaluation of test schedules
  • Product system testing: system, function, interface and compatibility testing
  • Product Numerical Test: Conduct a series test related to the front-end display and the back-end value
  • Write test cases based on product specifications (bug reproduction methods, potential issues, preliminary investigations)
  • Validate specifications, functional testing, integration testing, compatibility testing, etc. and ensure product availability
  • Test Platform: Web/Mobile Web/APP (Android/iOS)
  • Problem feedback, problem tracking, assist RD to confirm root cause and verify it
  • Organize test results, propose improvement projects based on test results and discuss with team members
  • Provide test reports and recommendations to ensure product testability and architectural rationale

Job Requirements

  • 1+ years of test experience, those who have actual front/back-end testing qualifications and website/APP testing experience are preferred
  • Familiar with iPhone/Android/Web platform testing
  • Ability to track, discover and analyze problems, have independent thinking ability to solve problems, have good learning, communication and oral and written expression skills
  • Knowledge of black-box, white-box, and grey-box testing, with a good understanding of and sensitivity to testing processes and methods
  • Familiar with a programming language: Java, JavaScript, Python.etc.
  • Experience in SCRUM and project management is preferred
  • Familiar with the JIRA issue tracking system is preferred
  • Familiar with Jest, Jmeter, Postman, TestComplete, Robot Freamwork automation tester
  • Familiarize yourself with common mistakes engineers make in web-type cases



Extra plus condition for candidate

  • Those who have experience in importing and using automated testing tools (frameworks) are preferred
  • It's especially if you attach a cover letter better